The Greenleaves is a project started by Clint Wells and Brad Lyons, two working musicians in Birmingham, AL. After spending years working for other artists they finally hunkered down and made a record of their own. Their songs are inspired by the legendary short stories of Flannery O'Connor. A few of their friends are now filming a documentary on the making of the record and the first batch of shows. Here you can keep updated with news, free demos, and footage from the documentary as well as Clint and Brad's thoughts on art, literature, and good whiskey. Love, love, love.

24th August 2010


The Greenleaves perform at Birmingham Arts and Music Festival

This is “The Life That You Save” from our Saturday performance at Workplay Theater for Baamfest. We did an acoustic set the night before so it was nice to have the full band behind us making these songs sound amazing.

20th July 2010

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I am amazed. Over and again, I see art act as an epoxy that brings together what wasn’t previously paired, deepen the connections that exist, and provide a canopy for the individual. And just to clarify, I do mean art. Not entertainment. Art as something that comes at a cost for the creator and even the participant. A melody. A painting. A photograph that stirs you, and speaks for you when you may not have it in you to speak for yourself. 


This band started with a friendship between two people trying to help each other keep their heads above water. That friendship started a musical experiment. The experiment turned into a record. That record, even in the beginning stages, has produced a band of truly beautiful people that will live on beyond the collection of songs inspired by Flannery O’Connor’s work. 


“Good Country People” was the first song that Clint and I wrote together in my one bedroom apartment we shared off Highland in downtown Birmingham. This recording is nothing perfect. It was done in the apartment on a borrowed mic and a computer. It began what has become one of the most fulfilling, challenging, cathartic, and beautiful musical collaborations I have been lucky enough to partake in.  


I am thankful for this music.


I am thankful for these people.


I am thankful for a dear friend that I get to create with. 


Talk to you soon. Take care of yourself.




“Good Country People”




That girl was born, with a knife in her back

A star, whose light never shone

She’d always been sick

And never been kissed

She was as hard, as she was alone


Low and behold, a knock at the door

A traveling friend, that she’d never known

He whispered of love,

   and spoke words of God

He put a song, called Joy, in her heart


Lord, I’ve longed

   for a hand to hold my heart

Oh, my soul

   Never thought it would tear me apart


Under the blue, beneath your eyes

   lies the scent of whiskey and death

I’ll kiss you again, to keep far the end

   and draw out the last of your breath


Lord, I’ve longed

   for a hand to hold my heart

Oh, my soul

   Never thought it would tear me apart

   Never thought it would tear me apart

15th July 2010


Clint @ rehearsal.

Clint @ rehearsal.

23rd June 2010


The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.
— Flannery O’Connor